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InspirationThe key to happiness is having dreams. The key to success is making them come true." - Author Unknown

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7 Principles of Energy, by Serge Kahili King
Quiet Calls to Wholeness, by Stewart Blackburn 
Stop and Be Present!, by Pete Dalton
Why Magick Doesn’t Always Work, by Jim Fallon

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Featured Archive: Shamanic Training in the Middle East by Cristina Bar-Sella: “I live in the Middle East, most precisely in Jerusalem. I want to become a Shaman, and have been blessed with the most intensive on-going workshop you will ever find. This workshop started 3 years ago (with the begining of the Intifada, the Palestinian uprising) and it has been going on day after day since, with no coffee breaks or toilette pauses." (click the title to read the whole article)

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