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InspirationPeople who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society." - Vince Lombardi

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About Optimism, by Serge Kahili King   
The Importance of Being Different, by Stewart Blackburn 
Heroes and Adventurers, by Pete ‘Ike Dalton
Coming Homeby Jim Fallon
Dynamind and Disbelief, by Christian Thurow

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Featured Archive: Quantum and Kala," by Bill Russell: “Kala implies that everything is connected. Shamans employ this ancient concept when they exchange wisdom and information with entities such as animals, plants, stones and people at a distance… Quantum physics laboratory demonstrations substantiate the Kala concept. Because of our Western scientific diehard fixation on objective reality perception, physicists are shocked and bewildered by such revelations. " (click the title to read the whole article)

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